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Characteristics of Effective Learning

This teacher talks about the characteristics, playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critic...

What is the place of rote learning

Mick Waters considers the place of rote learning in education and its strengths and limitations.

Engaging all children in their learning

Mick Waters on successful schools and school improvement.

What engages children in learning?

Purpose, process and audience.

Knowing where they are going

Patricia Broadfoot discusses the importance of setting learning objectives.

Assessing for next steps in learning

An Early Years teacher defines learning outcomes.

Seeing the whole child as a learner

Why don't we assess across a broad curriculum and acknowledge that learning is complex and uneven?

Continuity in children's learning - laying the crazy paving

What is the starting point in planning learning?

Learning from mistakes

Less focussed on outcomes than process, this teacher believes that learning from mistakes helps to build resilience a...

Governors, finance and music service provision

Governors appreciate what children achieve and are prepared to finance.

Context for working with a music service

Providing opportunities to learn music and visit professional music concerts.

Liaison between music lead and visiting teachers

Half termly, the music lead should meet with visiting teachers evolving plans

OFSTED, the 2019 framework and music

Opportunities are offered by the framework to include music in your intent.

Music hubs and their wider offer

Engaging with a music hub enables music opportunities in & beyond school

Music, an opportunity for all.

Music makes a difference to children and a bridge to parents.

Music provision and logistics

Visiting music teachers need a place to work and instrument storage.

Music provision and primary school finance

The financial implication especially as class teachers join in.

Headteachers and music services

Effective specialists enrich provision, heads should monitor delivery.

Future for music in primary schools

Identifying Music as a central part of the curriculum.

Music service input assists the gifted and talented

Identifying those with an aptitude and providing suitable support.

Music service input to educate the whole child

Music benefits diverse needs, those vulnerable and low with self-esteem.

Music service input creating wider opportunities

Promoting opportunities to perform in school and beyond.

OFSTED, Deep Dives and Music.

Ensuring children understand their learning in Music with watertight links.

Intent, a curriculum map suitable for OFSTED

The whole curriculum needs to be respected. Intent for Music.

Music teaching requires specialism.

A strong framework should be taught properly from the outset.

RL Music 1 and 2

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