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Governors, finance and music service provision

Governors appreciate what children achieve and are prepared to finance.

Music provision and primary school finance

The financial implication especially as class teachers join in.

Music service input creating wider opportunities

Promoting opportunities to perform in school and beyond.

OFSTED, Deep Dives and Music.

Ensuring children understand their learning in Music with watertight links.

Intent, a curriculum map suitable for OFSTED

The whole curriculum needs to be respected. Intent for Music.

Music teaching requires specialism.

A strong framework should be taught properly from the outset.

Wider Opportunities, WCIT, WCET or First Access?

This Head of Service offers a view on whole class teaching for schools defined as "Teaching music through the conduit...

10 Top Tips for Whole Class Teaching

This Head of Service offers some advice for teachers working with whole classes.

Why Include Music?

These students talk honestly about their experience learning music in school.

Recruiting Students

This student describes how she was attracted to learn the euphonium.

Peer Learning and Individuality

This student speaks eloquently about her experiences in music through peer learning but also as an individual.

Embedding Music in the School

These students recount their experiences learning music in school. Their intrinsic motivation comes from enjoyment bu...

Cross Curricular Links

These pupils describe some of their experiences learning music in a whole class setting and the useful cross curricul...

WCIT: Pupils Perspective

These children comment on the experience of learning through whole class teaching supported by the local music service.

The 'Shop Face' of the School

This experienced Head of Music discusses the role of the modern music teacher, complete with the expectations of extr...

Supporting School Performances

This teacher discusses the value of having a visiting team of peripatetic teachers. The support for school performanc...

Capacity Building 2

This teacher discusses her relationship with the local music service, the developing capacity and the inclusive offer...

Capacity Building

This Head of Music discusses her experience working with the local music service to build capacity in the department.

A Broad and Balanced Curriculum

An experienced Headteacher in a faith school discusses the facilitating conditions necessary to embed excellent music...

A Broad and Balanced Curriculum

This experienced secondary school headteacher discusses the need for music to be part of a breadth of experience for ...

Music and School Improvement

This experienced primary school Headteacher discusses the impact music has had on school improvement and attainment.

A Primary Head's View

This experienced primary school Headteacher discusses the impact Musical learning has had on his school, curriculum a...

Music and School Ethos

This experienced secondary school Headteacher discusses the impact music has had on the school and the community whil...

Relationship with Schools

This experienced teacher discusses aspects of the relationship between the school and the visiting instrumental teach...

Building Relationships

For Instrumental teachers, the need to develop relationships with individual schools and colleagues is strong.