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Music provision and primary school finance

The financial implication especially as class teachers join in.

Music teaching requires specialism.

A strong framework should be taught properly from the outset.

Learning brass instruments in KS2.

Whole class teaching to take first steps with a brass instrument.

Wider Opportunities, WCIT, WCET or First Access?

This Head of Service offers a view on whole class teaching for schools defined as "Teaching music through the conduit...

10 Top Tips for Whole Class Teaching

This Head of Service offers some advice for teachers working with whole classes.

Capacity Building 2

This teacher discusses her relationship with the local music service, the developing capacity and the inclusive offer...

A Professional Relationship with Students

This teacher discusses her approaches to extracurricular music and the emerging deepening relationships that are form...

Composition: The Role of the Teacher

This teacher discusses the importance of her role in offering feedback, responding to ideas and encouraging students ...

Links with Primary Schools

This secondary Head of Music briefly discusses the importance of making links with surrounding primary schools.

ICT and Music

This Head of Music discusses an approach to setting up ICT in the department.

Music and the Islamic Faith

This Head of Music discusses her experiences working in a large secondary school.

Formative Assessment

This Head of Music discusses her approach to formative assessment in Music. Pupil self-assessment and the use of iPad...

Capacity Building

This Head of Music discusses her experience working with the local music service to build capacity in the department.

Advice for NQT

This experienced teacher discusses her approach to communication with peripatetic staff in a busy department and offe...

Facilitating Creativity

This teacher talks us through her approach to her role in the context of her Y9 composition lesson.


This teacher discusses her approach to assessment. Observation is an essential element.

Authenticity in Btec

This teacher discusses why she has chosen to engage with the Btec.

Professional Development for Instrumental Teachers

The emerging professional development needs of staff are addressed by Music Services and Hubs.

Expectations in WCIT

This teacher discusses her experience of teaching whole class instrumental music.

CPD: Instrumental Teachers

This instrumental teacher discusses the support structures available within a music service. Training and CPD are imp...

Extended Rhythm game

See Rhythm Game for the first stage of this learning game. In this short clip the teacher extends the level of challe...

Rhythm Game

This Rhythm game is an excellent assessment for learning tool. The teacher can see visually if the class are beginnin...

Understanding Duration

This teacher questions the class on note lengths relative to the piece they have just played.

Stages - Listen Sing Play

Often in whole class teaching, we are required to teach with a more staged approach than we would in small group less...

Contextual Learning

Whole class lessons provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn the context of pieces they will begin to l...