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Governors, finance and music service provision

Governors appreciate what children achieve and are prepared to finance.

OFSTED, the 2019 framework and music

Opportunities are offered by the framework to include music in your intent.

Music hubs and their wider offer

Engaging with a music hub enables music opportunities in & beyond school

Future for music in primary schools

Identifying Music as a central part of the curriculum.

Music service input assists the gifted and talented

Identifying those with an aptitude and providing suitable support.

Music service input creating wider opportunities

Promoting opportunities to perform in school and beyond.

OFSTED, Deep Dives and Music.

Ensuring children understand their learning in Music with watertight links.

Intent, a curriculum map suitable for OFSTED

The whole curriculum needs to be respected. Intent for Music.

Music teaching requires specialism.

A strong framework should be taught properly from the outset.


These students recount their experience of using music for self-expression.

Student Experience

These students recount their experiences working with a visiting specialist teacher.

Advice for NQT

This experienced teacher discusses her approach to communication with peripatetic staff in a busy department and offe...

Authenticity in Btec

This teacher discusses why she has chosen to engage with the Btec.

Building Relationships

For Instrumental teachers, the need to develop relationships with individual schools and colleagues is strong.

Expectations in WCIT

This teacher discusses her experience of teaching whole class instrumental music.

CPD: Instrumental Teachers

This instrumental teacher discusses the support structures available within a music service. Training and CPD are imp...

Playing Other Instruments

This instrumental brass teacher acknowledges the importance of playing and modelling other brass instruments.

Developing Musical Context

Specialist instrumental teachers demonstrate detailed knowledge of the instrument they play.

Preparing the Breath

In this advanced trumpet lesson, the teacher takes the student through a warm up which will be later linked to the ma...

Modelling the Music

In this intermediate clarinet lesson, the teacher models her musical expectations by performing to the student.

KS2 Part Singing

These Whole Class Instrumental Teachers have brought all three year groups to the hall for a larger singing lesson.

Developing a Primary Choir

These Whole Class Instrumental Teachers have brought all three year groups to the hall for a larger singing lesson.

Vocal Warm Up

This specialist vocal teacher leads students through a comprehensive warm up.

Focused Listening

This classroom practitioner uses Saint Saen’s Carnival of the animals to scaffold a composition lesson.

Stages - Listen Sing Play

Often in whole class teaching, we are required to teach with a more staged approach than we would in small group less...