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Liaison between music lead and visiting teachers

Half termly, the music lead should meet with visiting teachers evolving plans

OFSTED, the 2019 framework and music

Opportunities are offered by the framework to include music in your intent.

OFSTED, Deep Dives and Music.

Ensuring children understand their learning in Music with watertight links.

Intent, a curriculum map suitable for OFSTED

The whole curriculum needs to be respected. Intent for Music.

Music teaching requires specialism.

A strong framework should be taught properly from the outset.

The case for teaching music

In the light of NC and OFSTED framework, should we teach Music?

Music and academic attainment

An interview with Professor Martin Fautley discussing the wider academic benefits of Music following the publication ...

Is Music under threat in secondary schools?

An interview with Professor Martin Fautley that presents evidence on an emerging decline of curriculum time and teach...

Wider Opportunities, WCIT, WCET or First Access?

This Head of Service offers a view on whole class teaching for schools defined as "Teaching music through the conduit...

10 Top Tips for Whole Class Teaching

This Head of Service offers some advice for teachers working with whole classes.

Peer Learning and Individuality

This student speaks eloquently about her experiences in music through peer learning but also as an individual.

Assessment in Music

This teacher offers some advice on assessment in music.

SMSC and Ofsted

An experienced Headteacher in a large faith school discusses the SMSC outcomes through a wider curriculum inclusive o...

Advice for NQT

This experienced teacher discusses her approach to communication with peripatetic staff in a busy department and offe...


This teacher discusses her approach to assessment. Observation is an essential element.

Authenticity in Btec

This teacher discusses why she has chosen to engage with the Btec.

A Broad and Balanced Curriculum

This experienced secondary school headteacher discusses the need for music to be part of a breadth of experience for ...

Music and School Improvement

This experienced primary school Headteacher discusses the impact music has had on school improvement and attainment.

A Primary Head's View

This experienced primary school Headteacher discusses the impact Musical learning has had on his school, curriculum a...

Music and School Ethos

This experienced secondary school Headteacher discusses the impact music has had on the school and the community whil...

Importance of Performance

This teacher describes the impact performances have had on the school ethos, community and progress of pupils.

Whole Class Teaching

This teacher discusses the content and value of whole class teaching.

CPD: Instrumental Teachers

This instrumental teacher discusses the support structures available within a music service. Training and CPD are imp...

Developing Musical Context

Specialist instrumental teachers demonstrate detailed knowledge of the instrument they play.

Developing a Primary Choir

These Whole Class Instrumental Teachers have brought all three year groups to the hall for a larger singing lesson.