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What engages children in learning?

Purpose, process and audience.

Continuity in children's learning - laying the crazy paving

What is the starting point in planning learning?

Music teaching requires specialism.

A strong framework should be taught properly from the outset.

Y5 managing progress with practice diaries

Completing a successful lesson, diaries are filled in.

Y5 introduction emphasising reading music

Using a simple tune, these young players concentrate on reading the music.

Y5 trombone warm up and breathing

Warm up, mouthpiece and playing two notes to start a lesson.

Y4 brass lesson reflections from teacher.

A specialist visiting teacher on a lesson for brass novices

Y4 whole class brass, exploring different dynamics

Playing 'piano' and 'forte'. Crescendo is played too.

Y4 whole class brass, video explains loud and soft

Looking at loud and quiet, long and short notes.

EYFS: Nursery rhymes & actions

I'm a little teapot and the 'ABC' song, pulse and actions.

Vocal Starters. 'My Name is Joe' commentary

Vocal specialist explains rationale behind this kinaesthetic vocal starter.

Vocal Starters. 'My Name is Joe'

Listening and joining in to a catch-on song with increasing complexity.

A vocal specialist on teaching vocal starters

Vocal specialist makes the case for teaching vocal starters.

Vocal Starters. Loosen up and begin.

Vocal specialist shows how to start a vocal session.

Vocal Starters. 'Give Me Five' commentary

Vocal specialist explains rationale behind 'Give Me 5' vocal starter.

Vocal Starters. 'Give Me Five'

Children respond to teacher actions like 'Give Me 5', Give Me 10, Low 10...

Peter & The Wolf. Pupil conductor

Pupils play chants on instruments conducted by a pupil.

Peter & The Wolf. Planning

The teacher explains the planning around a Y4 module on Peter & The Wolf.

Peter & The Wolf. Instruments use

Linking instruments and characters.

Performing rhythmic motifs: next steps

The teacher is to develop musical understanding based on one song.

Performing rhythmic motifs: a reflection

A teacher reflects on embedding rhythm and pulse.

Performing rhythmic motifs

Chime bars are used to perform rhythms created from food names.

Composition: The Role of the Teacher

This teacher discusses the importance of her role in offering feedback, responding to ideas and encouraging students ...

Peer Assessment

In this y8 arranging lesson, the groups engage in peer assessment.

Restriction for Freedom

In this Y8 'arranging' lesson, the class teacher offers an 'arranger’s notepad' as a tool to help the groups structur...