Video library

Y4 brass lesson reflections from teacher.

A specialist visiting teacher on a lesson for brass novices

Y4 sing 'Three Little Birds' for dynamic plenary

Singing at end of brass lesson to internalise piano and forte.

Y4 whole class brass develop their performance of 'Call Me'

Managing a mini plenary, homework and packing instruments away.

Y4 whole class brass, exploring different dynamics

Playing 'piano' and 'forte'. Crescendo is played too.

EYFS: Commentary

Teacher reflection on first steps in EYFS music.

EYFS: The Name Game

Children respond to the name song, singing their own name to the backing.

EYFS: Finding the pulse

Listening for a heartbeat/pulse, Reception play along on woodblocks.

Vocal Starters. 'Three Bears' Commentary.

Vocal specialist explains this song can be taught effectively to all ages.

Vocal Starters. 'Three Bears' complete song.

Forensic look at the detail of teaching a role song.

Vocal Starters. 'Old King Kong' commentary

Vocal specialist explains rationale behind using this expressive song

Vocal Starters. 'Old King Kong'

Encouraging participation requiring strong vocal line from children.

Vocal Starters. 'My Name is Joe' commentary

Vocal specialist explains rationale behind this kinaesthetic vocal starter.

Vocal Starters. 'My Name is Joe'

Listening and joining in to a catch-on song with increasing complexity.

A vocal specialist on teaching vocal starters

Vocal specialist makes the case for teaching vocal starters.

Vocal Starters. 'Give Me Five' commentary

Vocal specialist explains rationale behind 'Give Me 5' vocal starter.

Vocal Starters. 'Give Me Five'

Children respond to teacher actions like 'Give Me 5', Give Me 10, Low 10...

Vocal Starters. 'Have you brought' commentary

Vocal specialist explains the rationale behind 'Have you brought your voice?

Vocal Starters. Have you brought your voice?

Children are encouraged to respond to a question in contrasting voices.

Peter & The Wolf. Planning

The teacher explains the planning around a Y4 module on Peter & The Wolf.

Peter & The Wolf. Performing chants.

Children, conducted by the teacher, perform chants as a whole class.

Peter & The Wolf. Feedback: The Characters

Children's groups feedback to class on chants they have created.

Peter & The Wolf. Creating Characters

Inspired by the music, children create chants for each character.

Performing rhythmic motifs: a reflection

A teacher reflects on embedding rhythm and pulse.

Performing rhythmic motifs

Chime bars are used to perform rhythms created from food names.

Generating rhythmic motifs

Using food names, children improvise rhythms.