Video library

Y5 managing progress with practice diaries

Completing a successful lesson, diaries are filled in.

Y5 introduction emphasising reading music

Using a simple tune, these young players concentrate on reading the music.

Y5 trombone warm up and breathing

Warm up, mouthpiece and playing two notes to start a lesson.

Y4 whole class brass, exploring different dynamics

Playing 'piano' and 'forte'. Crescendo is played too.

Y4 whole class brass, video explains loud and soft

Looking at loud and quiet, long and short notes.

Vocal Starters. 'Three Bears' Commentary.

Vocal specialist explains this song can be taught effectively to all ages.

Vocal Starters. 'Three Bears' complete song.

Forensic look at the detail of teaching a role song.

Vocal Starters. 'Old King Kong'

Encouraging participation requiring strong vocal line from children.

A vocal specialist on teaching vocal starters

Vocal specialist makes the case for teaching vocal starters.

Vocal Starters. 'Give Me Five' commentary

Vocal specialist explains rationale behind 'Give Me 5' vocal starter.

Vocal Starters. 'Give Me Five'

Children respond to teacher actions like 'Give Me 5', Give Me 10, Low 10...

Vocal Starters. Have you brought your voice?

Children are encouraged to respond to a question in contrasting voices.

Peter & The Wolf. Performing chants.

Children, conducted by the teacher, perform chants as a whole class.

Peter & The Wolf. Feedback: The Characters

Children's groups feedback to class on chants they have created.

Peter & The Wolf. Instruments use

Linking instruments and characters.

Listen & Appraise Starter Develops

Listening to an organ piece, children recap their knowledge of tempo.

Listen & Appraise Starter

Encouraging listening children identify instruments in Baroque style piece.

Composition: The Role of the Teacher

This teacher discusses the importance of her role in offering feedback, responding to ideas and encouraging students ...