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Characteristics of Effective Learning

This teacher talks about the characteristics, playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critic...

The case for teaching music

In the light of NC and OFSTED framework, should we teach Music?

Learning brass instruments, transferrable skills

KS2 sometimes change instruments as skills evolve. This is encouraged.

Vocal Starters. 'Have you brought' commentary

Vocal specialist explains the rationale behind 'Have you brought your voice?

Vocal Starters. Have you brought your voice?

Children are encouraged to respond to a question in contrasting voices.

Peter & The Wolf. Pupil conductor

Pupils play chants on instruments conducted by a pupil.

Peter & The Wolf. Performing chants.

Children, conducted by the teacher, perform chants as a whole class.

Peter & The Wolf. Creating Characters

Inspired by the music, children create chants for each character.

Peter & The Wolf. Instruments use

Linking instruments and characters.

Performing rhythmic motifs

Chime bars are used to perform rhythms created from food names.

Generating rhythmic motifs

Using food names, children improvise rhythms.

Cultivating Extracurricular Music

This student recounts her experience in participating in the extracurricular offer at the school.

Student Perspective

This student recounts his experiences and motivations of learning music at school.

Y8 Lesson: Pupil Commentary

These pupils describe their experience of a song writing lesson recorded earlier that day. Despite the variance in in...

Transferable Skills

This Head of Music discusses the breadth of transferable skills he observes being developed in his students through m...

Music and the Islamic Faith

This Head of Music discusses her experiences working in a large secondary school.

A Broad and Balanced Curriculum

An experienced Headteacher in a faith school discusses the facilitating conditions necessary to embed excellent music...

Differentiation by Outcome

Composition and creativity can lead to varying outcomes within the same task.

Simultaneous Learning

It is often difficult to separate out the component parts of musical learning.

Whiteboards: Assessment for Learning

In this y8 classroom music lesson, the teacher encourages the class to map out ideas for arranging the song "Stand by...

Advice for NQT

This experienced teacher discusses her approach to communication with peripatetic staff in a busy department and offe...

Authenticity in Btec

This teacher discusses why she has chosen to engage with the Btec.

The Importance of Ensemble Experience

This experienced Head of Brass discusses his experiences of ensemble playing and motivation.

Choosing the Instrument

This teacher discusses an approach for students to choose the instrument for them.

Engaging Boys in Singing

These Whole Class Instrumental Teachers have brought all three year groups to the hall for a larger singing lesson.