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Characteristics of Effective Learning

This teacher talks about the characteristics, playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critic...

Learning from mistakes

Less focussed on outcomes than process, this teacher believes that learning from mistakes helps to build resilience a...


These students recount their experience of using music for self-expression.

Student Experience

These students recount their experiences working with a visiting specialist teacher.

Student Perspective

This student recounts his experiences and motivations of learning music at school.

WCIT: Pupils Perspective

These children comment on the experience of learning through whole class teaching supported by the local music service.

Y8 Lesson: Pupil Commentary

These pupils describe their experience of a song writing lesson recorded earlier that day. Despite the variance in in...

A Professional Relationship with Students

This teacher discusses her approaches to extracurricular music and the emerging deepening relationships that are form...

The Whole Child

This Head of Music acknowledges the importance of music for developing the whole child.

Advice for NQT

This experienced teacher discusses her approach to communication with peripatetic staff in a busy department and offe...

Authenticity in Btec

This teacher discusses why she has chosen to engage with the Btec.

Singing and the Vocal Teacher

This experienced teachers discusses his approach to singing from the starting point that everyone can sing.

CPD: Instrumental Teachers

This instrumental teacher discusses the support structures available within a music service. Training and CPD are imp...


This instrumental string teacher discusses her approaches to teaching and the connection with confidence

When Confidence Grows…

This gospel medley includes When the Saints, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Sing Sing Sing. This is explored at a differ...

Extending Range

After working on these partner songs, this experienced vocal teacher uses simple key change to migrate the pitch upwa...

Partner Songs 1

In this vocal lesson the teacher introduces partner songs for the first time.

Differentiation 2

Using When the Saints Go Marching In, this experienced vocal teacher takes the group into part singing with different...

Differentiation 1

Using When the Saints Go Marching In, this experienced vocal teacher takes the group into part singing with different...

Developing Quality in Group Singing

This vocal teacher listens forensically to the students singing.

Vocal Warm Up

This specialist vocal teacher leads students through a comprehensive warm up.

The Singing Starter

The voice is the most portable instrument we have.