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Introducing the Clarinet 3

This music service teacher describes some of the fundamental aspects of teaching the Clarinet to beginner students.

Developing Violin Staccato

In this advanced group violin lesson, the students are taken through a series of tasks and activities to develop the ...

The Saxophone Embouchure

In this short clip, the student exhibits a good saxophone embouchure - flattening the bottom lip, teeth on top, with ...

Tonguing Technique

In this individual saxophone lesson, the teacher encourages the correct technique for articulation on the saxophone.

Articulation with Charanga

In this video the teacher uses the charanga musical school resource to explore articulation on the clarinet.

Repertoire Choice

In this flute lesson the teacher begins to work on slurred articulation detail in the music.

Spotting Patterns

In this flute lesson the student is encouraged to spot patterns in the music.

Beginning Articulation

In this euphonium lesson the teacher uses simple call and response to develop articulation, offering advice on reduci...