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Why Include Music?

These students talk honestly about their experience learning music in school.

Recruiting Students

This student describes how she was attracted to learn the euphonium.

Using Resonance for Tone Development

In this larger advanced violin lesson, the teacher explores open string resonance to internalise and develop depth of...

Developing Technique Creatively

This experienced string teacher uses a variety of creative games and props to explore advanced flexible wrist and fin...

Developing Tone

In this advanced violin group, the teacher explores strategies for developing tone.

Developing Violin Staccato

In this advanced group violin lesson, the students are taken through a series of tasks and activities to develop the ...

Setting Expectations

This experienced teacher discusses her approach to setting expectations for her pupils in a Suzuki violin lesson.

Suzuki Method in Schools

This teacher has 35 years’ experience using the 'Suzuki' method and is also a teacher trainer. She discusses her wor...

Peer Assessment

In this y8 arranging lesson, the groups engage in peer assessment.

Restriction for Freedom

In this Y8 'arranging' lesson, the class teacher offers an 'arranger’s notepad' as a tool to help the groups structur...

Developing Quality in Group Singing

This vocal teacher listens forensically to the students singing.

Group Teaching: Keyboards

Keyboard can often be overlooked in the musical provision within schools.

Rhythm Cards

Rhythm cards are a useful starter activity for many aspects of teaching. In this example, the teacher uses an ipad to...

Y6 Brass Performance

This brass group was introduced to the beginning of Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

Part Playing 2

The outcomes of simple part playing. Rounds are an excellent way to first introduce this to students.

Stages to Learning

In this group brass lesson the teacher uses a backing track on a repeated cycle to stage the preparation for performa...

Clear Instructions

Working with larger groups can unveil some simple problems in the pedagogy of how to approach giving instructions.