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What engages children in learning?

Purpose, process and audience.

Communication with Parents

This experienced teacher discusses the importance of communication with parents.

Performance for Learning

In this short video, the group perform part of Corelli's "La Folia" to begin the lesson.

Peer Assessment 2

This teacher comments on the usefulness of peer feedback.

Assessment in Music

This teacher offers some advice on assessment in music.

Listening & Feedback 2

Listening to student compositions is, in itself, a critical skill for teachers to develop.

Listening & Feedback 1

Listening to student compositions is, in itself, a critical skill for teachers to develop.

Strategy for Scale Practice

Modern instrumental lessons provide limited capacity to hear, revise and monitor scale practice.

Scales and Tuning

Scale practice is an important way to develop technique and tuning.

Rhythmic Variation

In this group flute lesson, the girls explore some rhythmic variation to their piece.

Developing Breathing Creatively

In this group flute lesson, the teacher uses a prop to develop the breathing.

Peer Assessment

In this y8 arranging lesson, the groups engage in peer assessment.

Restriction for Freedom

In this Y8 'arranging' lesson, the class teacher offers an 'arranger’s notepad' as a tool to help the groups structur...

Simultaneous Learning

It is often difficult to separate out the component parts of musical learning.

Whiteboards: Assessment for Learning

In this y8 classroom music lesson, the teacher encourages the class to map out ideas for arranging the song "Stand by...

Facilitating Creativity

This teacher talks us through her approach to her role in the context of her Y9 composition lesson.

Behaviour Management

Music, as a subject based in sound, requires teachers to have strategies for managing behaviour including starting/st...

Scaffolding Composition

The periodic direction from the class teacher helps to scaffold this composition lesson so that the class are focused...

Listening & The Teacher's Role

This teacher is actively involved in the listening activity. Clear questions have been articulated before the example...

Stages to Learning

In this group brass lesson the teacher uses a backing track on a repeated cycle to stage the preparation for performa...

Clear Instructions

Working with larger groups can unveil some simple problems in the pedagogy of how to approach giving instructions.

Btec Performance Appraisal

Btec students are given an opportunity to reflect on their performance.

Feedback During Rehearsal

In this lesson, Year 12 Btec students receive feedback and direction from their teacher.

Preparation for Performance Btec

In this lesson, Year 12 Btec students rehearse for their upcoming performance assessment.

Plenary for Self-Assessment

The plenary in this Year 9 lesson encourages the students to assess themselves in 2 clear areas.