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Y4 sing 'Three Little Birds' for dynamic plenary

Singing at end of brass lesson to internalise piano and forte.

EYFS: Nursery rhymes & actions

I'm a little teapot and the 'ABC' song, pulse and actions.

Vocal Starters. 'Three Bears' Commentary.

Vocal specialist explains this song can be taught effectively to all ages.

Vocal Starters. 'Three Bears' complete song.

Forensic look at the detail of teaching a role song.

Vocal Starters. 'Old King Kong'

Encouraging participation requiring strong vocal line from children.

Vocal Starters. 'My Name is Joe' commentary

Vocal specialist explains rationale behind this kinaesthetic vocal starter.

Vocal Starters. 'My Name is Joe'

Listening and joining in to a catch-on song with increasing complexity.

A vocal specialist on teaching vocal starters

Vocal specialist makes the case for teaching vocal starters.

Vocal Starters. 'Give Me Five' commentary

Vocal specialist explains rationale behind 'Give Me 5' vocal starter.

Vocal Starters. 'Give Me Five'

Children respond to teacher actions like 'Give Me 5', Give Me 10, Low 10...

Vocal Starters. 'Have you brought' commentary

Vocal specialist explains the rationale behind 'Have you brought your voice?

Peter & The Wolf. Feedback: The Characters

Children's groups feedback to class on chants they have created.

Peter & The Wolf. Creating Characters

Inspired by the music, children create chants for each character.

Peer Learning and Individuality

This student speaks eloquently about her experiences in music through peer learning but also as an individual.

Cultivating Extracurricular Music

This student recounts her experience in participating in the extracurricular offer at the school.

A Professional Relationship with Students

This teacher discusses her approaches to extracurricular music and the emerging deepening relationships that are form...

The Whole Child

This Head of Music acknowledges the importance of music for developing the whole child.

Encouraging Student Involvement

This Head of Music discusses her 'open door' approach to the department.

Music in a Multi Faith School

This Head of Music discusses how music has been used to develop the whole school ethos.

Music and the Islamic Faith

This Head of Music discusses her experiences working in a large secondary school.

Connecting Physically with Singing

In this Y8 classroom music lesson the teacher takes the class through a series of vocal warm up activities which conn...

When Confidence Grows…

This gospel medley includes When the Saints, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Sing Sing Sing. This is explored at a differ...

Extending Range

After working on these partner songs, this experienced vocal teacher uses simple key change to migrate the pitch upwa...

Partner Songs 1

In this vocal lesson the teacher introduces partner songs for the first time.

Differentiation 2

Using When the Saints Go Marching In, this experienced vocal teacher takes the group into part singing with different...